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Project Manager – Policy and Financial Market Infrastructure

Nairobi, Nairobi

Project Manager – Policy and Financial Market Infrastructure Job Description


The Kenya Financial Sector Deepening (FSD) programme, FSD Kenya is an independent Trust under the supervision of professional trustees, with policy guidance from a Programme Investment Committee (PIC). Finance is provided by development partners working with the Government of Kenya (GoK). Our current funders include the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, UK Aid's Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO), and the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA).

FSD was established in early 2005 to support the development of inclusive financial markets in Kenya. FSD understands financial inclusion as being about harnessing the power of markets to improve people’s lives. Exceptional gains have been made in expanding inclusive finance in Kenya. FSD’s strategy for the next five years seeks to contribute to the development of a financial system that increasingly delivers value for a green and inclusive digital economy while improving financial health and capability for women and micro and small enterprises. Drawing on a detailed understanding of market systems and a clear vision of the future, FSD looks to address identified systemic constraints and bring about large-scale and sustainable change. 

The achievement of FSD’s current strategy is anchored on three pillars (i) developing an enabling policy and regulatory environment (ii) developing an open financial market infrastructure and (iii) supporting the creation of value-added solutions. Work under the first two pillars will be delivered though FSD’s ‘Policy and Infrastructure’ project. The objective of the project is ‘to develop an inclusive financial sector and a sustainable real economy through an enabling policy and regulatory framework and an open and efficient market infrastructure’. To achieve this the project will focus on four strategic areas that impact on FSD’s targeted socio-economic impacts (inclusive economic growth; sustainable and green transformation and increased access to basic goods and services). The four strategic areas are: digital economy; credit markets; payments systems and enabling environment. At the same time, FSD’s current strategy places women’s economic empowerment as a key strategic driver of its work. This requires that interventions across the programme be designed and implemented with a gender-intentional approach where Women’s Economic Empowerment (WEE) is integrated into project implementation. In line with this strategic focus, each of the four areas aim to address the challenges and barriers that women face in their interactions and participation in the respective markets.


The Project Manager is responsible for executing the operational elements of the policy and Infrastructure project and support the successful completion and implementation of the project’s listed objectives and deliverables. 

Role Description

Operational delivery (60%)
  • Based on inputs from the project leads, initiate and coordinate the project’s procurement needs in line with FSD’s policies and procedures and within agreed SLAs.
  • Manage the project’s contracts and grants processes including tracking vendor and grantee performance, tracking budgets and expenditure and facilitating payments against deliverables in collaboration with the project Leads and other FSD teams.
  • Track and update the project’s budget with actual and committed expenditure. 
  • Track the project’s costs against monthly, quarterly and annual expenditure targets. 
  • Initiate budget virements for approval 
  • Coordinate project travel requirements
  • Proactively identify any potential lapses relating to procurement policies and procedures
  • Where required arrange meetings for technical staff with stakeholders or consultants and diarise accordingly.
  • Ensure proper usage of project resources to avoid wastage
  • Identifying internal and external resource needs
  • Ensure that all the project’s documentation are archived, accessible and can be retrieved in line with FSD’s policies and procedures.

Technical delivery (25%)
  • Support project leads in interventions and task design
  • Support the technical implementation of interventions and tasks 
  • Provide timely feedback on various policy and infrastructure questions, ensuring that the evidence base is marshalled effectively. 
  • Support the project leads in developing Terms of References
  • Participate and contribute towards engagement with partners and other stakeholders including on technical engagements

Monitoring, measurement and reporting (15%)
  •  Act as secretariat for project meetings and circulate minutes and action points within 72 hours
  • Track project deliverables and progress
  • Support the production of the project’s quarterly and annual reports.
  • Monitor intervention budgets and spend against project activities monthly and quarterly
  • Manage and update the project’s risk matrix and delivery chain register
  • Tracking and enforcing contractual obligations

Conduct of Work

The Project Manager, Policy and Infrastructure will work as a full-time member of the FSD Kenya team, be a member of the PMO team and report directly to the Senior policy specialist. Given the core value of collaboration and cross-working, the Project Manager will support other colleagues including the CEO, COO, CPO and other team members to achieve the programme objectives, ensure stewardship for the Trust’s resources and adhere to policies and procedures.

Working arrangements will be flexible with the approach taken driven by the demands of the role. Communication and collaboration are of paramount importance to the FSD team’s effectiveness. Guidelines on effective remote working and flexi-time are set out in FSD’s policies and procedures which should be strictly adhered to. Use of timesheet is mandatory, and salaries will only be processed upon confirmation of updated timesheets by 20th of each month. Successful remote and flexible working requires liaison with operations and project team members and the full adoption of FSD’s technology-based communication tools.

Outcomes and Deliverables

The Project Manager will be responsible for undertaking efficient day-to-day project management function of the Policy and Infrastructure projects H/She will be at the front-line in assuring compliance with key policies and procedures relating to the project management function. Together with the Project management team, s/he will ensure a well-organized PMO function that runs efficiently, avoiding wastage of resources and time. 

FSD is managed on a strongly results based approach and each person is expected to deliver specific annual targets agreed with their team members and to support the strategy and business plan. The PM will be an integral part of the PMO office and policy and infrastructure team and will work in collaboration with the rest of the FSD team to ensure the overall success of the FSD Kenya objectives. Programme and project reporting, as formally specified in the policies and procedures must be delivered on time and to the highest standards. 


Mandatory requirements 
  • Minimum bachelor’s degree
  • Minimum three years’ experience in a similar role with a reputable organization.   

Experience, Knowledge and Skills 
  • Detailed knowledge and experience with project management best practice
  • Knowledge and understanding of Kenya’s financial sector 
  • Excellent spoken and written English

Desirable Requirements
  • Certificate in PMP
  • Knowledge of donor policies and procedures   
  • Experience working in the development field at a technical level 


FSD’s programme is delivered by a small, multi-disciplinary team. While each member of the team will have specific roles to play in the programme, the following key competencies underpin our ability to deliver. At a minimum, the role is expected to have competencies at the Specialist level:

Initiative and decisiveness    
  • Strong sense of engagement that leads to self-starting, taking initiative and acting decisively.
  • Takes initiative and acts decisively 

Innovation & value addition    
  • Generates value-adding innovation through continuous improvement, idea generation and creativity.
  • Systematically manages change and innovation.

Drive for results
  • Strongly motivated to achieve goals and act with accountability to deliver quality results.
  • Drives to accomplish important outcomes and results.

Thinking and problem analysis
  • Thinks clearly and intentionally in order to understand issues, solve problems and make good choices.  
  • Thinks logically and analytically.

Learning and resourcefulness
  • Possesses the personal resourcefulness to deal with difficult situations effectively and continually improve skills and knowledge.
  • Displays ‘learning agility’ and is able to form and hold an expert opinion. 

Relationship building    
  • Initiates and maintains positive relationships with others; discerning and appreciating the values, concerns and feelings of others.
  • Takes initiative to build strong relationships and cooperation with and between others.

Communication and influencing    
  • Deliberately adjusts behaviour in order to address the feelings, needs and concerns of others; communicates clearly, confidently and appropriately to influence others.
  • Deliberately adjusts behaviour and style in order to influence and communicate effectively. 

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